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Boot Binding System
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Microfluidic IVD Device
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Mechanical and Electromechanical
"Portable high gain fluorescence detection systems"
"Systems and methods of power output measurement"
"Splitboard bindings"
"Ski Binding adaptor with floating heel lock"
"Aerosol collection and microdroplet delivery for analysis"
"Skibob and method for riding a chairlift"

Biotech and Pharmaceutical
"High throughput nucleic acid sequencing by expansion"
"Integrated nucleic acid assays"
"Microfluidic mixing and analytical apparatus"
"Compositions of tocol soluble therapeutics"
"Genetic data analysis and database tools"

Process, Chemical
"Liposomal formulations of tocopheryl amides"
"Emulsion vehicle for poorly soluble drugs"
"Liquid core microdroplets for ultrasonic imaging"
"Method of making encapsulated gas microspheres"
"Aminobenzopyran derivatives and compositions"

"Biophysical geoengineering compositions and methods"
"Biophysical geoengineering compositions and methods"