We take pride in our clients on their successful businesses and in how IP has played a supporting role. Shown on the following pages are marketed inventions that have been patented or are "patent pending" with our help.

Our philosophy is to understand the technology our inventors bring to us, and to
combine that technical understanding with our experience in drafting and prosecuting patents in the US and abroad as needed.

The result is a track record of successfully commercialized products.

Our clients (and those that have been acquired) include Micronics Inc (now part of SONY), Spark R&D LLC, KERBspace LLC, Genelex Corp, Enertechnix Inc, Cerevast Therapeutics Inc, MFD Inc, Nastech Pharmaceuticals Inc (acquired by Omeros Corp), Pinion Engineering Inc, Innovative Manufacturing Inc, Applewhite Aero LLC, Intelligent Fish Inc, and individual inventors worldwide.
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